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For our Singaporean readers, it's a good thing we don't have to travel very far.And for our Malaysian readers, these paradises are an even shorter distance away from you.Now, all we want is to feel the sun, sand and clear water flowing through our fingers.

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Ahuizotl is a dog-like creature from the book Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone in the episode Read It and Weep and in the episode Daring Don't.

He is Daring Do's main antagonist in her quest to retrieve the sapphire stone.

Thanks to our government, our heartland estates are peppered with some amazingly-equipped public swimming pools, you’ll be able to have a splashing-good time, while staying free of sand and dirt.

The TSL team got to try on Sunseeker’s new collection on our exploration of these 10 unbelievable swimming spots - open to the public, for all water-fanatics out there. Located in the fairly new Pasir Ris Sports Centre, this public swimming complex has a pretty extensive range of water facilities - including a competition pool, a smaller teaching pool, a fun pool for kids, and even a jacuzzi.

There comes a time where all us crave to leave the cacophony of noises of our busy city life behind.

The picture perfect postcards and sparkling blue waters have been calling out to us forever and enough is enough.

Funds raised will support Indiana University Health statewide trauma programs.

These funds provide care for drivers and patrons at the Indiana University Health Emergency Medical Center of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and for patients recovering from critical injuries across Indiana. To get on the Rev 2017 ticket waiting list, send an email with your desired number of tickets to [email protected]

I just reset the password of everyone who hasn't used the login form and hasn't changed his password for a year.

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