dating letters paul - Model updating in structural dynamics

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Further studies on the elimination of systematic errors from both the measurements and the finite element model so that it can provide more reliable model updating is recommended.

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In this paper, a response surface-based FE model updating procedure for civil engineering structures in structural dynamics is presented.

The key issues to implement such a model updating are discussed such as sampling with design of experiments, selecting the significant updating parameters and constructing a quadratic polynomial response surface.

ACRS is structured around the requirements of the international Standard for bodies operating product certification systems, ISO/IEC 17065.

ACRS currently certifies over 150 manufacturing locations, in 15 countries around the world, and has undertaken more than 500 technical conformity assessments to AS/NZS steel Standards.Reinforcing, prestressing and structural steels steels have arrived on construction sites that fail to meet the minimum requirements of the applicable AS/NZS Standards.Non-complying materials have been shown to result in project delays (for instance, requiring additional testing), cause consequential costs to involved parties (for instance, requiring substantial redesign) and even ended in court cases.Model updating is a rapidly developing technology, and it is intended that this paper will provide an accurate review of the state of the art at the time of going to press.It is the authors' hope that this work will prove to be of value, especially to those who are getting acquainted with the research base and aim to participate in the application of model updating in industry, where a pressing need exists.This product, however, particularly because of the price, is as good or better than most all of them.

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